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SUMMER  2024
June 3rd

Join our Ohana (Family) now  
Just in time for Summer FUN!


 Aloha ʻĀina - Love of the Land

We have immediate openings in all our programs and now is the perfect time to join our Family or Ohana as  Our Summer program begins June 3rd with  Aloha ʻĀina - meaning a love of the land. 

  • The ancient Hawaiian people believed in the importance of caring for kāhonua, the earth, and its natural resources that allowed for the ola loa (long life) of the Hawaiian people who practice mālama ‘āina, caring for and nurturing, the island. The goal is to be mindful of our environment, all animals (wild, domestic, bugs), natural resources, cultural and history.  We will do this by exploring animals (land, water, wings), island environment such as volcanos, water, and plants,  the fun customs (family luaus, games, costumes) and many enrichment  “related” science concepts.

During the summer, doing ABA the Social Play Way only provides more than normal opportunities to make friends, enjoy the sun, play  games, go into the community and continue to develop individualized skills concentrating on social, play, communication, and readiness skills for the fall while in paradise this summer. .  

What makes summer at In Our World TLC so much fun?  

  • Great Summer Theme that flows through activities, games, social and adventures

  • Weekly Special Events/Activities...

    • Time Outside In the Sun!  From water play, scavenger hunts, outside games and cool treats!

    • Community Outings, if safe... walking to fire station, police visit, eating out, dollar store purchases and more!

    • Family Events - 2 during the summer for the whole family to share, connect and play together. 

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