Coffee & Conversations with A BCBA Mom

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Coffee & Conversations with a BCBA is a time for parents, grandparents and caregivers to come together to learn, share, connect about their family and child with autism spectrum disorder or other related disabilities.

How can you work this into your already busy schedule?

2 WAYS & 2 DAYS Choice per month!

1) In Person (mask required)  to mingle with others

2) Online from the comfort of your own home.


2nd Week of each month on:

Tuesdays   6:30 pm or Saturday 9:30am

Oh No! Now What?

Sept 7 & 11 - It's scary, it's heart stopping, it's confirming. Getting the diagnosis. 

No Guilt - Caregiver Time

Nov 9 & 13: We forget to take care of us! How to stay centered & taking care of the caregiver. 

Cabin Fever

Jan. 11 & 15: Creative sensory activities to help with cabin fever and winter weather

Get Ready-Holidays Ahead!

Oct 12 & 16:  Holidays bring stress and anxiety. Creating a plan that works for your family..

Teaching Play Skills

Dec. 7 & 11:  Got New Toys? Let's teach them how to play!

Time to Toilet?

Feb. 8 & 12:  Get the 411 on toileting, when and what to expect. Lots of tips!