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"Life is about being social... It Takes A Village...
To Learn to Be Part of that Village

We believe in the power of building relationships.  We "get it" because our team has lived it and/or worked with families that have lived it!  That is why we can say, we provide ABA services with a Heart. We care about the family, the child and their outcomes.

Our Model at In Our World TLC stresses the importance of being social and learning functional skills.  Whether your part of our morning PALS (Play and Language Skills) Club for 3-Preschool (8:30a-11:30am  or 12n-3:00pm),  The After-school Club (our elementary after school program 3:30-6:30pm Monday-Friday)  or "Team Client" (direct ABA services variable hours based on individual needs and hours) and soon to be Crew Club (young adult social group) .  All our programs incorporate a peer and social interaction time into our program design model.  

We provide clinical services in our 3800 sq foot clinic which includes a 870 sq ft gym, an interactive social-play room, a full kitchen and large 10x14 therapy rooms. We are located close to Diehl and Rt 59 in Naperville so easy access to the clinic with plenty of parking. 

We believe in a team approach working with your child, that includes you!  Our BCBA provides high supervision of our outstanding team of registered and behavior technicians including working directly with each client each week for a portion of their time.  We use the basic principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA),  strong understanding  of developmental milestones and the specific strengths of the person in a functional format for learning. We use a variety of interventions including natural environment, incidental learning and probe data to maximize learning time while making it fun and functional. 

ABA Therapy Services At In Our World TLC:

We provide ABA services in a clinical environment that incorporates peer and social interaction time within the program design. 

All programs include the following:

     - Determination of medically necessary hours of service.  

     - Minimum of 15 hours a a week of instructional time, expanded  or decreased based on individual client needs.

    - Peer and Social Interaction time within the program that concentrates on Communication, Social, Behavior and Functional Daily Living Skills.

    - Direct time with the BCBA for a portion of all sessions each week. 

    - High supervision of staff

    - Monthly team meetings. 

    - Parent/Caregiver 1:1 Weekly Meetings.   Our goal is to provide the parents with a tool box of skills to use daily to help them with the daily challenges and struggles they may encounter.  We also celebrate successes together and discuss progress.  


Consultation Services
​Need help short term for your older child/adult?  We provide consultative services for job coaching, daily living skills, day programming and being in the community.  Contact our office with your needs. 

School Consultation Services
​Our School Consultive team includes 1 BCBA-D/school psychologist and 1 BCBA/Special Education Educator who have worked in and with schools for years.  We support a collaborative approach when working with the school for the best outcomes for the client.  We attend IEPs, train school district/early childhood/daycare teams know better ways of supporting the client in the educational environment.  If you need help, contact our team.

NEW in 2020

​Crew Club - A Life Skills  & Social Training

Navigating the world for our young adults (ages 16-25) can be challenging.  Our program for our young adults provides direct training  to learn to function within their world and be as independent as possible.  Our new Life Skills Training program includes learning to take care of daily living skills, cooking, social skills, making decisions and more.  This is a small group environment of 4/1 ratio working and socializing together.  This is a direct pay program ran by a BCBA.  Crew Begins March 4 - May 13 (except April 1), 2020 on Wednesdays  5-6:30pm.  Fee is $375 for 10 weeks. 

PALS - Play And Language Skills Club    Ages 3-Preschool
At In Our World TLC. we want your child to navigate the world around them as easily as possible. Interacting, understanding social perspectives, play social games and learning to read social cues and using their social communication skills to help them to navigate their environment which leads to new opportunities and situations as part of the ABA Program. As part of our direct ABA programs, we incorporate play time with "friends" into our programs. 
In our PALS Club, it's a combination of direct therapy and a social interactive play time. Your child will work part of the time on the direct target specific goals and then part of their time being paired with a small group of  friends to work collaboratively on social goals through art, game play, and social pretend.  We concentrate on early childhood goals like toilet training, group play, waiting and other important skills needed for group activities.  Additional direct therapy 1:1 time may be scheduled based on your child's individual case plan. 
PALS Club  (3-Preschool):  8:30am - 11:30am and/or 12:00-3:00pm Monday-Friday.  
Parent Learn Time - each week you meet 1:1 with the BCBA to learn the skills being trained in session to help generalize those over to the home and other social environment. 
Call Us To Join the Play and Language Skills (PALS) Club (630) 991-1156.

Family Related Programs

Coffee & Conversation Meetings

We schedule both live and interactive on-line sessions monthly to share ideas, topics, activities to do with your child and help build a community of resources to support you on this journey.  Look for our schedule in the events section.