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Children learn as they play. Most importantly in PLAY, children LEARN  HOW TO LEARN.

---Fred Donaldson


At In Our World TLC, we stress the importance of socialization, communication/language, independence, foundational and functional skills through a play-based, peer-interactive and fun way; the key foundations for helping a child to learn.We believe that learning should be FUN

What is ABA the Social- Play Way?  At In Our World TLC, learning is a natural by-product of building strong relationships with our learners and creating creative, fun and engaging activities/games so they want to learn.  We rarely sit at tables unless its a table activity!  You will often find us on the floor of our large 10x10 individual learning room, in our gym, kitchen, outside or other play areas.  We incorporate our peers into our learning both during individual and group times.  Whether its Our Small World early learners or our So'Cool Afterschool Social Skills program, we want ABA to enhance social skills, communication and play skills. We want them to have friends and be a good friend.   

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