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"Life is about being social... It Takes A Village to 
To Learn How to Be Part of that Village

Life is about being social and it does take a village of collaborative partners to make change. Our model at In Our World TLC stresses the importance of being social, being independent, playing and learning functional skills in such a way as to learn to be part of that village they belong to. 


We believe in the power of building relationships.  We "get it" because our Owner and lead BCBA has lived it!  As a parent of a child with moderate autism, her family has done therapy, dealt with schools, handled meltdowns and learning challenges.  She brings to the table a unique blend of experiences and work backgrounds that helps drive success.  Carla has been an educator, has a medical background, a parent and board certified behavior analyst (BCBA). Our team members have family members and/or worked with families that have lived it!  That relationship is so important to drive change.  We care about the family, the child and their outcomes.


Our office motto is:

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Consultation Services
​Need help short term for your child/adult?  We provide consultative services for job coaching, toilet training, daily living skills, day programming and being in the community.  Contact our office with your needs at (630) 991-1156 or email here. 

School Consultation Services
​Our School Consultive team includes 1 BCBA-D/school psychologist and 1 BCBA/ Autism Specialist who have worked in and with schools for years.  We support a collaborative approach when working with the school for the best outcomes for the client.  We attend IEPs, train school district/early childhood/daycare teams know better ways of supporting the client in the educational environment.  If you need help, contact our team, click here.