Our Small World is an ABA early childhood/preschool therapy program, year round, Monday-Friday offers as both full time and part time for each unique learners need. 

Our preschool focus is to combine learning experiences and structured play in a fun, safe, and nurturing environment.   We call this providing ABA with a heart. Our goal is to make sure each child is happy, thriving and building friendships. Through  combined learning experiences, whether that's building a tower in the construction center,  dancing at center time, conducting a science experiment, or group time in the gym,  your child will have so much fun that they won’t even realize they’re developing important language, educational and social skills.



Our Small World Preschool

What Ages?
2-6 years olds

What Days of the Week?

Monday - Friday

What is a Full Day?

 Full Days is

8:00 am - 4:00pm.

 Additional time prior to and after may be added based on learner need.


Research shows that early and intensive intervention is one of the most effective strategies for improving the language, social, and adaptive functioning skill delays associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). 


We create....

  • An individualized tailored plan that focuses on your child's unique needs.

  • Small teams of 3-4 learners learning together in a  low risk groups  to help with social skill development and preparing for the school classroom.

  • Frequent and fun learning opportunities throughout the day.

  • Incidental and Natural Environment Learning mixed with concentrated direct instruction.

  • Parent Coaching weekly and support to generalize skills into the home.

  • It is fun!


  • Social Play Time with Peers

  • Group and Individualized Instruction/Coaching

  • Art/Music/Gym/Movement

  • Lunch/Snacks

  • Toilet Training, if needed

  • Following a schedule & routines

  • Pre-Academic skill training

  • Learning to Play

  • Making friends

Our Coaches are enthusiastic about developing each child's unique skills.  They genuinely care about children and have the sensitivity and knowledge to understand a child’s individual developmental needs. They take the time to help each child discover, in their own way, a fascinating world of play and learning. Each child will have exposure to a variety of Coaches to help build generalization and broaden their experiences through each Coach unique talents.  The BCBA is actively engaged in your child's daily program and in program design.  As a previous preschool teacher, this helps to ensure that they are growing and developing  at their pace and needs. 

The main classroom is  designed and supplied with a range of materials to provoke children’s questions, ideas, socialization and exploration.   Our Centers Rooms are large 10x10 rooms which  allow for more individualized learning and smaller group interactions with each room having a different activity or experience.  As part of the Centers rotation is a specific time to work on their individual targets  and needs. Our curriculum is divided into an evidence based curriculum and individualized assessments to develop your child's program. 


We consider parents to be our partners and family.  We value daily two-way communication with  weekly parent coaching and development in our parent trainings with the BCBA, pictures/video sent home and daily communication.  We make sure you know what skills your child is working on, how they’re progressing, what they are loving most…even whether they ate all their lunch! This makes it easy for you to let us know your child’s needs and preferences.

We provide a  Full Day day program to allow the maximum time to learn, grow and develop new skills


 Our program combines a fun small group and one-to-one combination to develop:

  • play skills 

  • language and conversational skills

  • school foundational & readiness skills

  • independent daily living skills (such as toileting)

  • social skills including: group dynamics and cooperation


It's time to take the next step in your ABA journey - Join us!

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Why Clinic-Based?

Research (Dixon et al., 2016), shows learners achieve 200% more learning per hour during clinic-based services relative to home-based services and they have access to other peers which is so important for their socialization.

A Glimpse of Our Day's Skills

Playing with Peers
Following Group Instruction
Taking Turns
Games & Cooperation
Purposeful Play
Teaching 2.png
Language Development
Expressing & Requesting 
Responding to social questions (pragmatics)
Expanding sentences length
Expanding vocabulary
Teaching 3.png
School Readiness
Foundational learning skills
Pre-Academic skills
Following schedule & routines
Raising hand 
Task Completion
Toilet Training, if needed
Teaching 1.png