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Our Services

ABA Therapy Services

We Do ABA- The Social Play Way!

In Our Clinic, we provide a combination approach of direct and group time for all services to support learning in a fun, play-based and social way.  We provide programs for 2-6 years olds in our full day Small World Explorers or our half day Small World Adventurers program.   For those in Kindergarten-5th grade, we provide the  So'Cool Club Afterschool Program.   Come Learn and Play with us!

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Toilet Training Consultation

Toilet Training can be a real challenge.  Our team is trained in a variety of Toilet Training Methods and can help parents individualize the training specific to their child in their home environment.   

Reach out to our team to help you and  your child with toilet training. 

Bathroom Tiles

Speaker for Events

Our BCBA has presented at the local, state, national and global levels.  She has presented on a variety of topics including Autism Spectrum Disorder, Puberty, Toilet Training, Technology and many others.  As a parent of a son with Autism she has also presented on topics related to family challenges, triumphs and supports.    

If you need a presenter, please reach out for to discuss availability and topics.  


Consultation Services

Need help short term for your child/adult?

 We have a highly trained team that can provide consultative services for New Diagnosis Supports, daily living skills, being out in the community and challenges around  Autism Spectrum Disorder. 

Discussing Books

School/Daycare Consultation Services

Our School Consultive team includes

  •  BCBA-D/school psychologist 

  •  BCBA/Autism Specialist, who worked in the schools, for the IL State Board of Education and as a Parent

Both have worked in and with schools for many years.


We support a collaborative approach when working with the school for the best outcomes for the Learner.  We attend IEPs, train school district/early childhood/ daycare teams to know better ways of supporting the Learner or persons with ASD in the educational environment.  If you are a parent, a school district, or day care provider, we can help.  

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