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Our Staff

We have a passionate and vibrant staff that wants to see your child succeed. 
Carla Oldham 
Owner & Director
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Carla opened In Our World TLC because she felt the need to do ABA better! She believes in a strength based, family-involved, fun, and functional format. She feels learning should be fun and playful!   She brings a unique blend of backgrounds to her role as the Owner and Lead BCBA/Director. She is a parent of a young adult with moderate autism spectrum disorder (ASD), has worked as an educator, has a medical background, and is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). So not only does she bring over 22 years to the field, but she GETS It!  She lives it everyday. She is passionate about her work, the quality of her staff, and her learners' success and the families she supports. Carla uses a collaborative and compassionate team concept with her families, her learners, and her staff. In developing this company culture, she believes that by building strong relationships is the key to top quality services and the success of each family and learner.  


We call this Quality ABA with a Heart!


She has presented at international, national, state, and local conferences, parent support groups, schools, and other organizations on a wide variety of topics. Carla is available to speak to your organization, district, or parent support group.  She is also available for private or school consultations.

Our Amazing Team

Kathryn Hoff, BCBA-D

Kathy is a certified licensed school psychologist, professor in Applied Behavior Analysis at Ball State, and a Board Certified Behavior Analysts doctorate level. She enjoys training future BCBAs and working directly with our learners. She provides a balance of research, application and intuition to the team. She is available to do school consultations and observations. 

Our Team of Coaches

Our AMAZING team of Coaches are excited to teach and provide an environment of learning in a fun place. All our coaches have are working toward or have their  bachelor's degree with a few working on their master's level coursework,. They work collaboratively in small teams to assist all learners to make gains and enhance their quality of life by building strong relationships. Our Coaches work diligently to expand social, language, and behavior skills in fun and functional ways. We believe continued education and training for our staff are essential to being the best coaches who know how to make their learner be the best they can be!

Why do we call our staff Coaches instead of Behavior Technicians?   Many ask this.  We feel due to our team culture and that a Coach's job it to have their athletes perform at the peak of their ability as our team members do - it better fits our company culture.  Additionally,  instead of our Learners saying they are going the "therapy", they say "We are going to see our Coach" or "Going to the Club".  

The best advertisement we have  came for 2 of our learners who asked if they could have their birthday party at the clinic with their clinic and outside friends!

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