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A Time To Share

Parent Support Group

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Saturdays * 3:30-5:00p 
1 x Month

For Caregivers of 2 yrs – 5th Grade Children

Come join us for a free, in-person time to learn, grow and share together! 

This parent support group is hosted by a BCBA mom of an autistic person who has lived it, gets it and worked in the field for over 20+ years.  Our meetings will include a learning and sharing time.


 Registration is required and space is limited. 

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February 25, 2023

Toliet Training

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Let's Learn & Share about different ways to toilet train plus many tips and tricks to help the challenges.

Toilet training.png

April 15, 2023

Play Dates & Parties

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Let's Learn & Share about ways to set up and host playdates and parties to support friendships.

kids party.png

March 18, 2023

Will They Ever Sleep?

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Let's Learn  & Share about supporting sleep, sleep patterns and routines. 


May 13, 2023

More than 1 way to Communicate

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Let's Learn & Share a variety of ways to support communication with your child.


Heading 2

The meeting is held at 1560 Wall Street Conference Room, Naperville, IL 60504.  Find Us here.

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