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"Children learn as they play.  Most importantly in play, children learn to learn." 

       - O. Fred Donaldson, PhD, play specialist

We firmly believe that ABA therapy can be life changing. We also know that not all ABA therapy is equal.

We are not your "typical" ABA center

We specialize in social, fun and functional learning.  We believe in the power of building strong relationships with our learners and families to maximize learning and enhancing their lives together.  We believe in coaching our learners/families by using their strengths, supporting their weaknesses and believing they can learn, and thrive.  We do this by caring, sharing, continuing to learn how to coach, how to help them succeed  -  We call this providing ABA with a heart.  

Our founder and lead BCBA believes in the power of play and building relationships to optimize learning.  Carla uses her own life experiences, with over 25 years in the field as an autism specialist, BCBA, educator, medical field and parent of a adult son with moderate autism who has navigated ABA therapy, the educational world and everyday life. She has helped create an environment where our autism spectrum learners will want to be and engage with us so they will want to learn and be social with others. 

At our center, our programs are built on the principles of learning social and functional skills through using a person strength in a fun playful way– not just running drills. Our rooms are big to allow room to play on the floor, to move around and  explore through play. Our center has a gym for gross motor, a kitchen for daily living skills, a social play room for group exploration and lots of toys, and games.  

Together we are stronger! 

We have a strong, hard working, diverse and passionate team that is overflowing with love for what we do.    We support each other, are a continuous learning center lead by the BCBA who sees the learner weekly, not monthly.  Who builds one-to-one relationships with the learners and often jumps in to run sessions, when needed.  Teaching by example, the BCBA not only sees clients weekly she .  

We  have a strong philosophy about parent participation with weekly parent coaching sessions.  Parents live with the learner daily, we only have them a short time of the day - it is important to support and coach parents to deal with the day to day challenges faced by having a child with Autism with an understanding heart and experience of having been there. 

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