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So’Cool Club is an after-school 15-21 hour a week  ABA therapy program that concentrates on social development and life skills program for elementary aged learners with a concentration on: language, social, emotional, functional, and learning opportunities in both a 1:1 and group combined environment.

What Does the So'Cool Club Look Like?


"Can we have our birthday party here?"...a current client


Our 50/50 model helps to build individual skill, group skills and build friendship skills.  


Social 50% :  They will think they are just playing but they are learning!  In a small group with individual Learning Coaches supports, they come to gather for cooperative activities, games, sports, and social skill lessons to understand and implement the concepts and skills for the daily/weekly lesson such as being a leader, turn taking, greetings, conversations, understanding someone else’s perspective, friend files, emotions, how to play group games, body/eye contact orientation, social language development & scripts. These help build friendships, allow them to participate in community activities and engage with other peers their own age. 


Direct 50%: Learners work 1:1 with the Learning Coaches on their individualize goals based on their evaluation.  These may  include areas such as language development, executive functioning skills, daily independent living skills, behavior related to learning in collaboration with their school team for supporting learner in multiple environments. 

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This program is 15-21 hour a week scheduled 

 Monday - Friday  after 3pm and/or Saturday

Let's talk to create your child's individual schedule


DURING COVID-19 & Other Related Health Issues

At this time, the CDC is still requiring masks for medical environments,  as possible. 


We can never guarantee your child will not be exposed, however we work diligently and purposefully to have as safe environment as we can during this time.  We have intensive cleaning protocols and routine safety procedure.