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So’Cool Club is an afterschool, ABA social development and skills program for elementary aged learners with a concentration on: language, social, emotional, functional, and learning opportunities in both a 1:1 and group combined environment.

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What Does the So'Cool Club Look Like?

Learners work 1:1 with their Social Coach to understand the concepts and skills for the daily/weekly lesson, then join other team members in a small group (3-4 learners) activity.  Learners are coached on  a variety of skills including: being a leader, turn taking, greetings, conversations, understanding someone else’s perspective, emotions, how to play group games, body/eye contact orientation, social language development & scripts, as well as,play/leisure skills based on the learner’s individual needs through organized  lessons, activities and games.  


A portion of each session concentrates on direct one-to-one instruction focusing on each learners specific areas of need per their assessment.  All learners have a 1:1 coach for the entire session.

This program is 14-21 hour a week

 Monday - Friday  after 3pm & Saturday 9am-1pm

Let's talk to work out your individual schedule


DURING COVID-19 & Other Related Health Issues


We can never guarantee your child will not be exposed, however we work diligently and purposefully to have as safe environment as we can during this time.  We have intensive cleaning protocols and routine safety procedures which include removal of shoes, outside drop off/pick up, temperature and health checks, safety screening, mask/shields for Coaches, learners wear masks in groups, splatter shields on table, hand washing/sanitizing procedures, gloves, social distance when possible and distance markers, along with many other safety protocols.


For Groups:

Limited contact (small group 3-6 of the same learners with their coaches each week), learners must be able to wear a mask during group activities, learn distance indicators and social distance as much as possible.