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So’Cool Club is an after-school social-play ABA therapy program that concentrates on building social engagement, social communication and friendship skills for elementary aged learners Kindergarten through 3rd grade.  They work and play in group with peers, and do 1:1 direct coaching for additional skill development based on their assessment.  What makes a good Club member? A desire to have and be with peers, existing communication skills, and able to work/play in small group without physical behaviors.

What Does the So'Cool Club Look Like?


"Can we have our birthday party here?"

  ...a quote from a current learner

Our 50/50 model helps to build individual skill, group skills and build friendship skills.  


Social 50% :  They will think they are just playing but they are learning!  In a small group with individual Learning Coaches supports, they come to gather for cooperative activities, games, sports, and social skill lessons to understand and implement the concepts and skills.  Skills trained  include being a leader, good sportsmanship, turn taking, greetings, conversations, understanding someone else’s perspective, friend files, emotions, how to play group games, body/eye contact orientation, social language development & scripts. These help build friendships, allow them to participate in community activities/sports and engage with other peers their own age. 


Direct 50%: Learners work 1:1 with the Learning Coaches on their individualize goals based on their assessment.  These may  include areas such as social  communication, executive functioning skills, independence, and expansion of concept skills.  

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Why is it called the So'Cool Club?

 The So'Cool stands for Social Cool Club!   We call it the So'Cool Club because we want them to want to come to a fun place to learn and no one at this age wants to tell their friends they are going to therapy. 

Why are they called  Learning Coaches are they Behavior Techicians?

We call all our staff Coaches.  This goes along with our Team mentality at the clinic.  It's way cooler to say "I'm going to see my Coach!"  then my therapist or Technician. Plus, a Coaches job is to get their performer to be the very best they can be!  That's our goal too! But yes, our staff are registered behavior technicians and highly trained in social skills. 

Our Parents are integral part of our team!  Parent meet weekly with our BCBA to learn, grow and share together. Through these meeting we hope to support and coach parents to feel more confident through concept learning, problem solving, success sharing and practice in supporting and help their child grow and learn. 

Program Details

  3-6 persons in group

Minimum 14 hrs a week:   3 hours/5 days a week or 3.5hours/4 days a week   Monday - Friday.

Additional hours available on Saturday for more direct coaching. 

3:15 /3:30 pm start times  6:30/6:45 pm stop times.

Additional time before the start times can be discussed

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