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PALS Club is an intensive ABA early childhod/preschool therapy program, year round, Monday-Friday both full time and part time.  This  is a strong play based, social-communication program. 


 Our program combines one to one and small group for learning:

  • play skills 

  • language and conversational skills

  • school foundational & readiness skills

  • independent daily living skills

  • social skills including group dynamics and cooperation


 We use evidence based lessons driven by data outcomes in this fun and functional program. 

What Ages?
2 years old - 7 yrs
What are the Times?

PALS Club 1:  8:00am-11:30am
PALS Club 2: 11:30pm-3:00pm
Additional time may be scheduled based on your child's individual plan, either before or after these block times. 
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Research shows that early and intensive intervention is one of the most effective strategies for improving the language, social  and adaptive functioning skill delays associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

BUT... sometimes it is best the learner to be in a school program or has other therapies that may conflict with a full day program.


We create....

  • An individualized tailored plan that focuses on your child's unique needs.

  • Small teams of 3-4  low risk groups for activities to help with social skill development

  • Frequent and fun learning opportunities throughout the day

  • Natural Environment Learning mixed with concentrated direct instruction

  • Parent Coaching and support to generalize skills into the home.


  • Individualized Instruction

  • Foundational/Pre-academic Skills

  • Daily Living Skills including toilet training

  • Following a schedule & routines

  • Social Play Time with Peers

  • Art/Music/Movement

  • Snack

A Glimpse of My 1/2 Day

Playing with Peers
Following Group Instruction
Taking Turns & Cooperation
Purposeful Play & Games
Language Development
Expressing & Requesting 
Responding to social questions (pragmatics
Expanding sentences length
Expanding vocabulary
Individual Instruction
Direct Coaching
Learning Foundational  & Pre Academic Skills
Working on independence skills
Toilet Training, if needed
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