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Our Small World Adventurers

Our Small World Adventurers 

Welcome to our small family! Our ABA early childhood Montessori-like program fosters fun, safe and nurturing social and play based learning through specially designed learning hands on and real-world encounters, multi-sensory experiences, free and structured activities in both individual and group settings.

    Our Small World Adventurers have the opportunity to grow skills in our Half Day Morning or Mid-Afternoon program where our knowledgeable and caring team guide, assess and enrich their learning.

Why only a Half Day?

Research shows that early and intensive intervention is one of the most effective strategies for improving the language, social  and adaptive functioning skill delays associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

BUT... sometimes it is best for the Learner to be in a 1/2 day preschool program or they may have other therapies or parent commitments that may conflict with a full day program. Our 1/2 day options allows parents choices in their child's programming. 

Our Focus is to expand language, social/play skill, build peers, support school readiness, daily routines and work on individual goals through combine learning experiences and structured play in a fun, safe, and nurturing environment.  

We call this providing ABA with a heart.


Our Goal is to make sure each child is happy, thriving, expanding their skills and building friendships.  We do ABA the Social-Play Way!  

Our Parents are integral part of our team!  Parent meet weekly with our BCBA to learn, grow and share together. Through these meeting we hope to support and coach parents to feel more confident through concept learning, problem solving, success sharing and practice in supporting and help their child grow and learn. 

Parent/Child Social Time

Let's  play together - as part of our programming, we host one time a month for the parent(s) and child to come together with other Small World Friends and parents to play in our gym.   The BCBA will be there to support and coach parents to assist with  social interactions in a more natural way and is one of your weekly parent training sessions. 

What Ages?
2 years  - 6 year olds

Available Days
Monday - Friday

Morning Session:  
3-5 hours per day. 
Start times 8A, 8:30A, 9A
PM Session after 11:30 pm
3-6 hours per day

Part time hours are  are based on evaluation and approved hour.  

District 204- bus service to and from Prairie Children's Preschool

A Glimpse of the 1/2 Day Activities

ABA the Social - Play Way!  

Teaching 5.png
Playing with Peers

Following Group Instruction
Game Play

Taking Turns & Cooperation
Purposeful Play & Games
Language Development
Social Communication
Responding to social questions (pragmatics)
Expressing & Requesting  
Expanding sentences length
Expanding vocabulary
Teaching 6.png
Individual Instruction
Direct Coaching
Learning Foundational  & Pre Academic Skills
Working on independence skills

Toilet Training, if needed
Teaching 4.png

WHY Our Small World Adventurers?

Our unique Montessori-like play-based social communication program is....

  • An individualized tailored plan that focuses on your child's unique needs. We strive to nurture each child's desire for learning, understanding and growing their own way! 

  • Small teams of 3-6 learners learning together to help with social/play skill development, language development, peer skills, daily routines, pre-foundational school skills.

  • Frequent and fun hands on and real world learning opportunities throughout the day such as movement, music, art, science, cooking, sensory and more!

  • Structured, Incidental & Natural Environment Learning mixed with high concentration of Play-Based Guidance.  We learn through play!

  • Creative and Evidence Based Curriculum

  • Parent Coaching weekly via telehealth, in clinic, or in home to support generalizing skills into the home.

  • Most importantly - IT'S FUN!

Why Clinic-Based?

Research (Dixon et al., 2016), shows learners achieve 200% more learning per hour during clinic-based services relative to home-based services and they have access to other peers which is so important for their socialization.

It's time to take the next step in your

ABA journey 

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