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Jack O' Lanterns

Trick or Treat Visuals

Halloween is just around the corner and we have made these visuals to support the communication needs for some of our learners and want to share this with you! 

Your child may need help expressing their wants, needs or just communicating "Trick or Treat" to others.  These 2 versions can help your child to communicate just by pointing to the pictures.  1) The Visual Strip can be pinned to their costume, a sleeve, or even their treat bag.   2) The Wrist Strip is worn around their wrist or around the handle of their treat bag making carrying it easier.  

Simple to Make:  Print out out from the link below.  Cut them out and cover with packing tape or they can be laminated. Ready in minutes!

We at In Our World TLC hope you will have a wonderful Halloween whether you go trick or treating, stay home to hand out candy or just spend a  quiet evening at home.  Just remember baby steps eventually become big steps. Go slow, it took my son years but we got there!

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Our Small World Preschool

Full and Half Days

Our Small World is our ABA early childhood/preschool therapy program, year round, Monday-Friday offering  both full time and half day for each unique learners and famlies need. 

Our preschool focus is to combine learning experiences and structured play in a fun, safe, and nurturing environment.   We call this providing ABA with a heart. Our goal is to make sure each child is happy, thriving and building friendships. Through  combined learning experiences, whether that's building a tower in the construction center,  dancing at center time, conducting a science experiment, or group time in the gym,  your child will have so much fun that they won’t even realize they’re developing important language, educational and social skills.

So Cool logo.png

So'Cool After-School Social Club


So’Cool Club is an after-school social skills 50/50 program that concentrates on social development and life skills program for elementary aged learners K-5th grades. 


50% Social: They will think they are just playing but they are learning!  Together they learn through cooperative activities, games, sports and building. 

50% Direct: Working 1:1 with their Coach concentrating on their unique language needs,  executive functioning skills, social practice and other skills determined in their assessment. 

A great program for our learners who want to have friends but struggle with the skills needed to be successful.

Jack O' Lanterns
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