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Providing ABA Therapy With A Heart


At In Our World TLC (Therapy & Learning Center) we believe….

  •  In the power of play and fun! As through play, children learn how to learn, expand language, work/play together and enjoy learning. Our Play Based Social-Communication Model allows the learner to experience learning, play, socialization and enrich their skills in a combination model of group and 1:1 direct coaching at each session.

  • In the power of building strong relationships with our learners and families to provide compassionate, culturally-informed and collaborative instruction and interventions. To drive change with our learners, we must build trust, understanding and a connection to where they will want to be there and work WITH us, not FOR us.  We need to know the learner, their strengths and their challenges.  We are committed to building those relationships, and emphasizing them throughout our time with the learner in a fun and friendly way. We care about the family unit, the child and their outcomes, and we are here to help.  We call this ABA therapy with a Heart.

  • In the power of collaborative, purposeful and creative team and plans to meet our learners where they are and move them toward independence, communication, and social interactions in the world to which they will live in.

  • In the power of high supervision and easy access to the BCBA. Our Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) is in contact with our learners, parents and staff to monitor, coach and support their program and needs multiple times per week. She “gets-it”as she has lived it. She is the parent of a young adult with moderate autism, who utilizes her over 20+ years experience as a parent, previous educator, medical professional and BCBA in both the private and public sectors to all her cases. She brings to the table a unique blend of experiences and work backgrounds that helps drive success. We understand the unique challenges that come with autism. This helps us be more flexible, understanding and collaborative.

  • In the power of clinic services: Research (Dixon et al., 2016), shows learners achieve 200% more learning per hour duringclinic-based services relative to home-based services and they have access to other peers.

  • In the power of our parents. Our parents participate in weekly 1:1 coaching sessions with the BCBA to learn better ways to support and live with their child in their home and community.

  • In the power of collaboration. We collaborate with school teams and other professionals to build a well-rounded program for each learner and their family.

  • In the power of remaining small – purposefully! Our goal is to enrich and change lives, not build an empire! Our size allows us that personal interactions and engagement that is so important in supporting our learners and their families.

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