About Us

In Our World TLC

In Our World Therapy & Learning Center (TLC) LLC provides a family focused, person-centered clinic environment.   We provide a through evaluation of your child, meet with you and together design a plan.  We believe in the power of building relationships with the client and the family for best possible outcomes.  We strive for In Our World TLC to be a place that is fun, functional and has a heart!

We Are A TEAM:

We believe in a team approach while working with your child. Our BCBA work directly with each child  as well as provides high supervision of our outstanding team of registered and behavioral technicians which we call "Coaches".  Why do we call them Coaches?  

Our collaborative approach is about a team.  Our process in rich in the principles of applied behavioral sciences but the approach is more fun, involved and cooperative.  We also want our kids to feel like other kids who have "coaches" instead of "therapist".  


Our Curriculum:

We use the basic principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA),  strong understanding  of developmental milestones and the specific strengths of the person in a functional strength based  format for learning. We believe in a wrap around approach that includes working collaboratively with the home, school and community members for the best possible outcomes.  Through direct coaching, engaging activities, play, peer interactions and social coaching, our learners enjoy learning and growing with us. 

Parents Coaching:

Parents are critical to the success of the program and growth of their child.  Our parents are required to meet with the BCBA weekly to learn, grow and be supported on this learning journey.  Our BCBA brings experience both as a BCBA but also as a parent. 

Clinic Based:

We are a clinic based program that  provides a fun learning atmosphere.   Our 3800 sq foot clinic is set up for maximum learning in a comfortable environment.  We have a 870 sq foot gym, a interactive social-play room, a full kitchen, and 6 large therapy rooms( 10'x14') as most of our work is done playing not sitting at the table.  We believe in the interaction of other "friends" within the clinic to provide structured social interactions and play time within our sessions.  We use a variety of interventions including natural environment, incidental learning and probe data to maximize learning time while making it fun and functional. 


We strive to provide a fun, functional and engaging place for all to learn, share and grow.  

Our staff  provides ABA therapy with a heart!


We are affiliated with PROUDD, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that strives to provide education, training and supports related to  persons with Autism Spectrum Disorders and other developmental disorders, to the their families and those persons that work or support the person.