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The HangOut Club
A Middle School Social Workshops


Register Now! Fall 2021

What the HangOut Club?  

The HangOut Club  is a fun-filled, interactive learning social opportunity with friends at In Our World TLC!  The HangOut Club members will learn those important basic to more complex social topics and skills that are needed to be part of a middle-school peer group.  Using a strong skills based curriculum, discussion, role-play, and  cooperative game activities, our outstanding coaches will guide them over  8-week sessions. 


Participants are in small Covid-safe groups of no more than 10 including Coaches.  The program is structured in 8 week segments with 1.5 hours group interaction times.

 Fall 2021 Sessions include TUESDAYS & SATURDAY OPTIONS:
(each session is 8 week  sessions)
Tuesday Options:                                            Saturday Options:
August 24 - October 12                                August 28 - October 16 

(registration for August course open until 9/5 prorated)
October 19  - December  14                        October 23 - December 18 (no session 11/27)
Is this group right for my child? 
 In order to provide a safe, effective environment for members and coaches,  the hangout members need to have good vocal communication skills, desire to be part of a group, able to work independently in a group of up to 8 peers and at least a 2nd grade reading level and minimal behavioral challenges.  Typical participants may have autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit disorder or other related disabilities

My Child Needs Social Skills But Doesn't Fit the HangOut Club.  Now what?
If they are elementary age, Kindergarten - 5th grade, check out our So'Cool Afterschool Club Program. 

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