So' Cool Club Social Groups

Happy Kids Huddle

Coming Summer 2021

What is So'Cool Club?  

It is a fun-filled, interactive learning opportunity with friends!  In our So'Cool Club, members are able to learn basic skills to more complex skills that are needed to be part of a group, in both play and cooperative activities.   Using a strong skills based curriculum, creative thinking and outstanding staff, we create a fun-filled, interactive experience that is  just  "So'Cool"  for learners ages kindergarten - 5th grade.  Participants are group in small  Covid-safe groups of no more than 6 learners. Each member works with a coach in a one-to-one or a one-to -two ratio.  

Is this group right for my child? 

 In order to provide a safe, effective environment for members and staff, the club members need to have a vocal communication skills,  are toilet independent, some play skills,  and desire to be part of a group.

My Child Needs Social Skills But Doesn't Fit the So'Cool Club.  Now what?

All of our programs include social skills training and interactions with peers.  Check our our PALS, Our Time or So'Cool After School programs as these have a direct 1:1 coaching environment with a skills and pl